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“Racing is like the business world, from my experience, the people that are very, very successful, they just have this unwavering dedication and commitment to just never give up. They just work hard. If people are talented, and they are persistent and determined, they can accomplish extraordinary things. I see that dedication and determination in Logan.”

– Miles Nadal


Logan and LCR have created a unique community of entrepreneurs, growth capital providers and service partners focused on providing capital and professional services to grow both public and private businesses and brands.
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Logan and LCR have created a unique community of entrepreneurs and growth partners focused on supporting the acceleration of growth in public and private businesses and brands.

This partnership oriented community (led by Echelon Capital Markets and Peerage Capital) have provided nearly $20 billion in equity and debt growth capital for public and private companies and advised on billions of dollars of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

In addition to priority access for growth capital and M&A advisory services, LCR service partners provide access to debt recapitalizations and restructuring as well as significant savings on services such as spot foreign exchange (FX) and FX hedging services

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In 2021, LCR is proud to also have added Dickinson Wright to our group of service partners offerings full-service law firm services with 19 offices across Canada and the United States with more than 475 attorneys serving clients in 40 practice areas and 16 industry groups.

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