Lucas Oil Racing School

For my first blog, I want to tell you about my trip a few weeks ago to the Lucas Oil Racing School in Bowling Green Kentucky at the NCM Motorsports Park. Over two days I had eight hours of classroom instruction and five hours of seat time in a formula 1600 car modified with paddle shift.  

Our lead instructor was a man named Gerardo, and while there were other instructors, Gerardo was the one that I interacted with the most. Everyone at the school was friendly and helpful and the cars worked well and were very fun to drive. The track at NCM was well-maintained and felt really smooth to drive on.

I was very happy with the format used by the Lucas Oil Racing School. We typically spent an hour or so in class followed by a half hour on track session. We started with an easy simple shifting exercise and progressed to from there but always making sure we were getting a feel of the car.

Day 2 was much the same format but with less fundamentals and much more lapping. We could always pull into the pits whenever we wanted and ask for feedback because they had an instructor on almost every corner watching and taking notes on your good and bad habits. 

Overall it was a great experience and I can’t wait to get into a car seat again soon!

Lucas Oil Video

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