“Racing is like the business world, from my experience, the people that are very, very successful, they just have this unwavering dedication and commitment to just never give up. They just work hard. If people are talented, and they are persistent and determined, they can accomplish extraordinary things. I see that dedication and determination in Logan”
– Miles Nadal, 2018 Premier Partner

As a partner you can choose an investment level that meets your desired return on investment. LCR provides three different levels for our partners to get in on the excitement, with distinct reward tiers.

    • Premier Partner
    • National Partner
    • Race Weekend Partner – choose which race events to be featured

LCR has collaborated with some amazing companies to provide specific and exclusive benefits to our partners including branding, marketing, and financial services in addition to great hospitality options. Some of the most impressive include the ability to get access to the super exclusive racing event experiences.

Contact Logan Cusson today for a partnership discussion. logan@logancussonracing.com